Why I hate White Labeling for Startups

The tools available to general users of the InvestmentBank. Our private label option works well with our Deal Syndication tool, providing additional channels for deal marketing among other deal professionals and corporate issuers. By white-labeling our solution deal makers can maintain tighter controls over customer data and client-facing brand imaging. In addition, the private label deal portal works well for strategic corporate buyers looking to grow by acquisition. By utilizing a private label deal platform, internal buy-side deal teams can better maintain target funnels, data room due diligence and overall deal processes while maintaining corporate branding. More importantly, a custom platform provides the complete white labeling incontri needed to close more deals more efficiently. Please white labeling incontri us for more information on options and pricing for setting up your own private label deal portal. A CRM built by deal makers, for deal makers able to track target buy and sell-side acquisitions. An advanced virtual data room for storing, tracking and finalizing the most extensive deal due diligence. A project management software tool that combines automated marketing, task and project management. Matching issuers and investors using advanced search campaigns on a scalable, cloud-based platform. Private Label Deal Platform. Like what you see? Let us build a custom deal portal for your capital advisory practice.

White labeling incontri 2. You lose simplicity

We solve problems for business owners. During that time we signed up businesses for our standard service. Each web agency we spoke to had different needs. But if you have a bunch of custom white label deals, each with their own branches of software and service level agreements to maintain that can create a lot of friction for a buyer. Your direct customer relationships are easy for a buyer to understand and may be in fact what they are buying you for. What does secure browsing mean? We focus on WordPress support. I'm the co-founder of WP Curve. Enter your email below to join the crew. Several organizations also have a sub-brand for their products. The tools available to general users of the InvestmentBank. What does "mobile compatible" mean? A quick way to blow away your assumptions is to ask your customers what they really care about.

White labeling incontri

A white label product is manufactured by one company then packaged and sold by other companies under varying brand names. which is also considered to be a form of white labeling. For example. White label refers to a product or service that is purchased by a reseller who rebrands the product or service to give the impression that the new owner created it. White label products are often produced via mass production. Some companies may offer a particular service without any investment in the technology or infrastructure. A white label customer will seek input from their business partners or want to see a proposal. On the other hand, a small business customer will make a decision which is based on whether our service is a . StartupCFO: Mark MacLeod. A blog on funding, growing and exiting startups. Menu and widgets. Why I hate White Labeling for Startups. Very often when I am talking to them about business model, growth plans, etc – they bring up white labeling. For many reasons, I think this is a bad idea for startups.

White labeling incontri