Roman Catholic Diocese of Vittorio Veneto

The Diocese of Vittorio Veneto Latin: It was historically known as Diocese of Cenedathe name being changed in Ceneda began as a suffragan of the patriarchate of Aquileia until the latter's suppression in From until Ceneda was a suffragan of the archdiocese of Udine. Since Ceneda has been in the ecclesiastical province headed by the Patriarchate of Venice. Art from several churches in the diocese is housed in its diocesan museum. The city of Vittorio Veneto includes the town of Ceneda which in ancient times was a castrum known as Ceneta and poetically as Acedum. The city is situated in the province of Trevisojust north of Conegliano. Diocesi di vittorio veneto incontri mese novembre e dicembre was pillaged by Attila the Hun inand a century later by Totila. Afterduring the domination of the Lombardsit was governed by a duke and then a count. Still later it became part of the marquisate of Treviso. The Gospel is said to have been preached in the region in the first century by St. Fortunatusdeacon of bishop St. Attesting to the presence of Christianity is one of the earliest pieve of the diocese, Sant'Andrea di Bigonzo, which dates from the fourth century. However, the historical beginning of episcopal see of Ceneda is uncertain.

Diocesi di vittorio veneto incontri mese novembre e dicembre Cities and towns in Veneto

Member feedback about Claudio Granzotto: Missionary and other special types of circumscriptions e. The first reputed bishop seems to have been Vindemius who was present in at the Synod of Grado which continued the Schism of the Three Chapters. He has served as the postulator for the canonization cause of Pope John Paul I since Churches in Padua Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. Its first known bishop is Clarissimus, who, at a provincial synod of Aquileia in , helped to prolong the Schism of the Three Chapters; this council was attended by Augustinus, later Bishop of Concordia, who in signed the petition presented by the schismatics to Emperor Mauricius. As of 30 June , there are basilicas in Italy. The eighty-nine martyrs of Concordia, who were put to death under Diocletian, are held in great veneration. He then taught at local seminary before being named parish pastor in Asolo. Giuseppe Carraro 26 June — 30 December was an Italian Roman Catholic prelate who served as the Bishop of Verona from until his retirement in Veneto was part of the Roman Empire until the 5th century AD. Programmazioni annuali di Dipartimento a S. It was historically known as Diocese of Ceneda, the name being changed in

Diocesi di vittorio veneto incontri mese novembre e dicembre

Calendario diocesano della Diocesi di Vittorio Veneto - dicembre Calendario. Home > Calendario. Notizie riguardanti la Diocesi: di novembre , di gennaio domenica 2 dicembre alle Vittorio Veneto Incontri operatori liturgici] alle Vittorio Veneto, Cattedrale. Vespri solenni per l'inizio dell'Anno. Azione Cattolica, diocesi di Vittorio Veneto. VITA ASSOCIATIVA. Unitarietà. Con l’incontro del 28 settembre a Conegliano è iniziato il nuovo anno associativo per l’Azione Cattolica e ciascuna parrocchia, con modalità diverse, ha dato il via alle attività che durante l’estate hanno tempi più dilatati e si intrecciano con l’esperienza dei campiscuola. Calendario diocesano della Diocesi di Vittorio Veneto - novembre Calendario. Home > Calendario. delle prossime settimane, di ottobre , di dicembre giovedì 1 novembre Tutti i Santi. venerdì 2 novembre alle Oderzo. incontri per l'accompagnamento spirituale e vocazionale. Dec 14,  · L'insediamento del Vescovo Vittorio Viola nella Diocesi di Tortona. Domenica 14 dicembre

Diocesi di vittorio veneto incontri mese novembre e dicembre