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Its collection includes works from Incontri sesso a romaRoman and Renaissance times, and especially Roman artifacts from nearby PompeiiStabiae and Herculaneum. The building was built as a cavalry barracks in From to it was incontri di archeologia museo naèpoli seat of the University of Naples. During the 19th century, after it became museum, it suffered many changes to the main structure. The museum hosts extensive collections of Greek and Roman antiquities. Their core is from the Farnese Collectionwhich includes a collection of engraved gems including the Farnese Cupa Ptolemaic bowl made of sardonyx agate and the most famous piece in the "Treasure of the Magnificent", and is founded upon gems collected by Cosimo de' Medici and Lorenzo il Magnifico in the 15th century and the Farnese Marbles. Among the notable works found in the museum are the Herculaneum incontri di archeologia museo naèpolicarbonized by the eruption of Mount Vesuviusfound after in Villa of the Papyri. The greater part of the museum's classical sculpture collection largely comes from the Farnese Marbles, important since they include Roman interpretations of classical Greek sculpture, which are in many cases the only incontri di archeologia museo naèpoli indications of what the lost works by ancient Greek sculptors such as CalamisKritios and Nesiotes looked like. Many of these works, especially the larger ones, have been moved to the Museo di Capodimonte for display in recent years. A major collection of ancient Roman bronzes from the Villa of the Papyri is housed at the museum. These include the Seated Hermesa sprawling Drunken Satyra bust of Thespisanother variously identified as Seneca [1] or Hesiod[2] and a pair of exceptionally lively runners. The museum's Mosaic Collection includes a number of important mosaics recovered from the ruins of Pompeii and the other Vesuvian cities. Another mosaic found is that of the gladiatorial fighter depicted in a mosaic found from the Villa of the Figured Capitals in Pompeii. With 2, objects, [3] the museum has one of the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in Italy after the TurinFlorence and Bologna ones. It is made up primarily of works from two private collections, assembled by Cardinal Stefano Borgia in the second half of the 18th century, and Picchianti in the first years of the 19th.

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Il Ristorante L'Archeologia riserva per le aziende dei menù speciali. In the middle of the room there is a display case which contains the precious capsella of Samagher near Pula, Istria , a silver and ivory reliquary finely manufactured and decorated with elements from the Christian tradition 5th century AD. Censorship was restored during the era of the Kingdom of Italy, and peaked during the Fascist period, when visitors to the rooms needed the permission of the Minister of National Education in Rome. Electa, Soprintendenza archeologica di Napoli e Caserta. Atmosfera elegante location incantevole pietanze ricercate personale attento e professionale The first display case exhibits artefacts in ceramics from Mycenae and Cyprus. After the revolution of , the government of the monarchy even proposed the destruction of objects, fearful of the implications of their ownership, which would tarnish the monarchy with lasciviousness. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ci trovi in Via Appia Antica, a Roma. Vi accoglieremo nelle nostre sale riservate per trascorrere un evento unico. The rooms were also called Cabinets of matters reserved or obscene or pornographic. Eros and Psyche no. The Secret Cabinet Gabbinete or Secret Room is the name the Bourbon Monarchy gave the private rooms in which they held their fairly extensive collection of erotic or sexual items, mostly deriving from excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

Incontri di archeologia museo naèpoli

Nov 16,  · Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Campanelli saraci. L'Archeologia January 15 at AM · Dietro ad ogni nostro piatto c'è sempre una minuziosa ricerca per garantirvi i migliori ingredienti e una preparazione all'insegna di cura e passione/5(). The National Archaeological Museum of Naples (Italian: Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, sometimes abbreviated to MANN) is an important Italian archaeological museum, particularly for ancient Roman remains. Its collection includes works from Greek. Dec 11,  · Speciale Museo di Archeologia Ligure/1 XLiguria - eXtra Liguria. Loading Unsubscribe from XLiguria - eXtra Liguria? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working.

Incontri di archeologia museo naèpoli